Botticelli Literary Magazine, Issue 5: “The Radio Talk Show Host’s Ex-Wife Donates to the Station During the October Pledge Drive” (Pg.  98); “Can You Even Write a Pastoral in Hartford?” (Pg. 99); “Before the Diner, and in the Diner, and After the Diner” (Pg. 100).


Uut Poetry: “A List of Things That Make You Feel Tired Right Now”


The New Context: “‘Vagina’ in Latin Is Still ‘Vagina'”

HOOT Online, Issue 51: “Two Weeks’ Notice”

Rising Phoenix Review, July 2016 Issue: “Everything Dies”; “It’s a Party”

Five2One: “We Will Have to Make Do”

A Bad Penny Review, Issue 7.1: “Hagiography”


Right Hand Pointing, Issue 113: “Die on That Hill”; “Dream Involving an Airplane”

No, Dear, Issue 20: “Build a Tower”

Water Soup, Issue 7: “Move Like You Have a Consciousness”; “Am I Thin and Attractive to You?”


SOIL SERIES Poems (2017 – ):

“Red Nectar”

“Low Black Plane Over Appalachia”

“Excavated History of the Pinkham Farm”

“Qualities of Light”